Among all other metals in the world, the copper metal stands apart. It is highly recommended by the physicians all over the world for the healthy growth of the liver and brain. Apart from the health benefits, copper metal is also used for the maintenance of ideal temperature required for different drinks. Moscow Mule drink is considered as tasteless without the copper mugs.

Copper is required by the human body with all other metals. Copper cups are used for the Moscow Mule drinks. According to recent health claims, drinking water in a copper cup helps to boost the health status of the body, reduces the body inflammation and aids in reducing the weight in a healthy way.

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Copper mugs are used for the Moscow Mule drinks since the year 1940s. Original copper mugs are present on the market. Some vendors even sell the Moscow mule mug set at inexpensive rates. The original copper mugs weigh about eight ounces and they can accommodate a capacity of 16 oz. These copper mugs are three and a quarter inches tall in height and they have a three inch diameter base. Some of them can be customized by using the personal logos and symbols.

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If you want to create your own Moscow Mule, then the best recipe is to mix two ounces of vodka along with four ounces of ginger beer and add up an ounce of lemon juice in it. The whole mixture can be garnished with lime slice. Serve it in a copper mug with good presentation and enjoy the drink. Do not get worried about where can I buy a copper mug because many options are available on the website of with the best deals and at affordable prices.